Waseem Abbas   Swabi   Pakistan   21 April 2020

MashaAllah i was just got searching for QURAN with English Translation on Google and got through your website,i downloaded QURAN and then read lots of precious and knowledgeable articles which broadened my mind and vision about our faith&Iman,JazakAllah

Waqas Ahmad   Islamabad   Pakistan   16 April 2020

Dear Sir/Madam, I need Quran-e-Karim Arabic with Urdu Translation by Maulana Fateh Muhammad Jalandhri Indo-Pak Script. Please help me how and from where i can buy in hard form.

Najeeb Javed   Lahore   Pakistan   13 April 2020

May Allah Rabul Izzat grant you all working in the Org."the best of the best" among his worldly and hereinafter blessings.

Md jawwad   Patna   India   09 April 2020

AssalamoAlaikum Hazrat mujhe Quran majeed PDF me chahiye please help me , حضرت میں قرآن مجید پی ڈی ایف میں چاہتا ہوں براہ کرم مدد کریں

اظہر محمود اعوان   ٹیکسلا   Pakistan   04 April 2020

اللہ تعالی قبول فرمائیں۔ بہت عمدہ بہت عمدہ

muhammad   lahore   Pakistan   13 January 2020

assalam o alaikum

Shaukat Mehmood Ghauri   Islamabad   Pakistan   09 September 2019

Mashallah Very Very Excellent work Done by the True Muslims who Love Allah and Muhammad (S H A W)Pls keep it up and this is the best way to service Muslim Ummah and specially poor Pakistanis. I Salute you All and pray for you. Jazak Allah

Muhammad Usman Naeem   Abudhabi   United Arab Emirates   30 April 2019

Need to learn Our Islam

Saddam   Birgunj   Nepal   01 November 2018

Assalamo Alaikum Warahmatulahibarkarahu MashaALLAh Bahot Aaala page hai

syed hassan askari   dinga   Pakistan   10 June 2018

ma sha allah.....jazak allah khair

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