Mohammad Parvez Kamaal   lucknow   India   11 November 2015

While searching bunch of duas viz. Manzil from Quran,I came across this excellent site.May Allah SWT,shower His Choicest blessings on the developers of the site & enable them to further improve it for the benefit of whole Ummat-e-muslimah.JazakAllahKhair

SHABEER AHMAD KHAN   Jammu and Kashmir   India   21 October 2015

Jaza-kalla-khaira- An excellent job done. Very affirmative site. Thanks

Syed Zahid Ahmad   Mumbai   India   19 September 2015

Jazakallah Khair for presenting texts of Quran Sharif in MS Word format. May request to present it along with Urdu Translation in In Page format for wider benefit of readers and followers.

Mohsin Khan   Lahore   Pakistan   14 September 2015

Jazak Allah for the Quran with Urdu Tarjuma by Maulana Fateh Muhammad Jalandhri...

muhammad amjad   lahore   Pakistan   24 August 2015

allah pak hum sab ko hidayat dye,aur is par mihnat karne wajon ko 2.9 jahan main kamyab kare

Abdul Hameed   Rawalpindi   Pakistan   15 August 2015

Mash Allah Quran Pak Bohat acha organize kya gya hy but ham se Audio recitation play and link ni ho rhi kindly koi mathod snd kr dy.Jazak Allah

rufeedah   cape town   South Africa   29 July 2015

shukran this is beautiful, Mashallah.

Aisha khan   Toronto   Canada   22 July 2015

Mash allah what a great website

Nasir Vazir Mohammad   Karachi   Pakistan   11 July 2015

Best Quran text ever. Why: Text is not constrained by page space. Text is equally spaces. It makes it very easy to read the Noble Quran. JazakAllah.

Israrud-Din   Chitral   Pakistan   10 July 2015

I just visited to noor-e-Hidayat and found very cognitive and informative Islamic books in Urdu version .I extremely appreciate your work of real campaign for Islam and hoped that this service will never be stopped .

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