Nasir Vazir Mohammad   Karachi   Pakistan   11 July 2015

Best Quran text ever. Why: Text is not constrained by page space. Text is equally spaces. It makes it very easy to read the Noble Quran. JazakAllah.

Israrud-Din   Chitral   Pakistan   10 July 2015

I just visited to noor-e-Hidayat and found very cognitive and informative Islamic books in Urdu version .I extremely appreciate your work of real campaign for Islam and hoped that this service will never be stopped .

Abdul Khalique   Al Ain   United Arab Emirates   25 June 2015

Asslam o Alikum, MashALLH amazing, now I can read Quran in my smartphone as well in office... Thanks Noor-e-Hidayat for providing a great source of knowledge. Really it is a great work. JazakALLAH khair...

qaisar sultan   Dera Ismail Khan   Pakistan   24 June 2015

The website is very informative and fruitful for those Muslims who want to learn and improve their knowledge about Islam. Anybody could get knowledge from this site about Islam.

MUHAMMAD irfan ashraf   Rawalpindi   Pakistan   31 March 2015

aoa wrwb (assalam-o-alaikum wa rehmatullahi wa barakatuhu) all, JAZA KALLAH that you are doing such noble avtivity for islam, may ALLAH KAREEM give u more tofeeq & stregnth for preaching islam & give HIDAYAT to me & all muslims. AAMEEN SUM AAMEEN.

Usman Haider Muhammadi   Islamabad   Pakistan   05 March 2015

Want to read books and recommend to the others

Adnan Rashid   Islamabad   Pakistan   01 February 2015

Mashallah the website is a source of inspiration and reflects your hard work. Jazakallah. I need guidance in scanning Quran-e-Aziz of Maulana Ahmed Ali Lahori to a small size, for putting online. Any tips, since your scans & Size are mashallah excellent.

Naimat BaLoch   Dera Ghazi Khan,BaLochistan   Pakistan   12 January 2015

MashaAllah bahot achi Islamic Books han.

Muhammad Aslam Gill   Islamabad   Pakistan   10 January 2015

Al-Hamdulillah very useful website. May Allah bless all of you. It is suggested that kindly amend the Logo of Noor-e-Hidayat and Kalima Tayyaba should be in the centre at top. If you see The Holy Name of Allah is not at proper place. Please correct it.

dhikrulah Ibrahim   ILORIN   Nigeria   10 January 2015

infact, all I have to say is dt may Allah continue to be ur guide and that He shld reward u in abundance because this site is helping on my whatsapp muslim group by sharing some of d content of this site . ALHAMDULILAH

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