iftikhar   lahore   pakistan   25 January 2008

i have received the CD ....thanks for that ...i will provide other people the copies of that to pass massage of islam to other people..... ifti

Hassan Faraz   Rawalpindi   Pakistan   24 January 2008

Assalam o alikum It was amaizing for me to receive the CD as it is not usual. i will explore the CD later and comment it.

Farrukh Khan   Karachi   Pakistan   24 January 2008

Thanks a lot i hav recieve the cd this morning .. thanks a lot... my dua's are with u for such a good work ..i will spread this cd as much as i can .. thanks again..JAZAKALLAH

manzoor   lahore   pakistan   22 January 2008

assalam o alaikum thanks for sending the CD. may ALLAH give u reward. Allah Hafiz

Syed Muhammad Usman   Lahore   Pakistan   22 January 2008

I really find your this effort Very Good May Allah Succeed you in This World and Give You the Place Near Hazart Muhammad (S.A.W.W) and make this Effort as a key to your get Allah's glory in the day of judgment. Amen well i am a graphic designer and i really wish to offer you my service in this good effort if you find me worthy to do any thing pleas contact me freely at my email.

Farhan   Karachi   Pakistan   11 January 2008

Assalam-O-Alikum... i Wanna know abt the controllers of this website .. i mean frm which firqa u belong ?? because iam confused once i was Stuck in Some peoples of qadiynat..but iam so thankful to ALMIGHTY ALLAH who protect me from those satans ...I dun hav any issue wether ur deobandi aur baralwi..please let me know asap on my email address or in ur guest book .. please...Iam waiting ..

mohamed khaleel   jeddah   saudiarabia   09 January 2008

thanks for ur efforts

Shahid Hassan   Sawabi   Pakistan   28 December 2007

I have received ur cd thanks a lot of i m 3rd semes electrical engineer, I have spread it and will spread it.

Muhammad Zahid Khan   Abbottabad   Pakistan   20 December 2007

Thanks alot for your sending this cd. We are taking alot of benifits from it.we got it . & may Allah bless you for this act of kindness. Thanks.

Muhammad Bilal Mahmood   Jalal Pur Jattan, Gujrat   Pakistan   20 December 2007

I have received the Noor-e-Hidayat CD Thanks Its really very good service.

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